Carlos Neria
Midland ISD/Facebook
June 14, 2018 11:37 AM

While some high school seniors may try to contain their excitement as they walk across the graduation stage to get their diploma, one student in Texas made sure to show everyone watching just how happy he was.

Carlos Neira, 19, jumped around and raised his hands in jubilation when his name was called on June 2 at Midland Lee High School’s graduation in Midland, Texas.

In a video shared on Facebook, Neria — who has Down syndrome — was beaming with pride as the entire audience clapped and cheered for him.

“The joy this precious young man displayed will bring tears to your eyes… he is Mr. Joyous – our favorite moment from the MISD Class of 2018!!” the Midland Independent School District Education Foundation wrote in the Facebook post.

His mother, Teresa Neira, told local outlet KWES that her son has “given us an example of sharing, love, of happiness and nothing gets him down.”

And to their great surprise on the special day, she added, “They say ‘Carlos Neira’ and the whole world, the men in front of us and everyone recording, they started asking, ‘Oh my God! Who is he?’ Jeez! As if he was the president’s son or something.”

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According to Teresa, Carlos will be attending Life College this summer. He then plans to get a job,Teresa told KWES.

“Nothing gets him down. He looks up and points to God. God. He’s full of faith. Lots of faith,” she said of her son.

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