November 24, 2017 01:23 PM

The cold never bothered her anyway.

Parents pulled over in Irondale, Washington, during their drive home so their daughter could have her first experience with snow — and captured the adorable moment on video. 

While many are dreading impending winter weather, this little girl couldn’t have been more thrilled to wander around the street as the flurries fell down. Although there was just a dusting on the ground — not enough to make a snowman just yet, as neighbors pointed out — that didn’t stop her from jumping up and down as she squealed in delight, “It’s snowing!”

The girl, bundled up in a polka-dotted jacket, also spent plenty of time tasting the newly fallen snow from the ground.

Little girl experiences her first snowfall
Little girl experiences her first snowfall

Meng Meng, a 9-year-old giant panda who lives at the Siberian Tiger Park in China, was similarly elated to see snow for the first time in her life earlier this month, as evidenced in video shared by People’s Daily China. Her 10-year-old brother, Jia Jia, also partook in meteorological merriment.

The pandas bounced around their enclosure, rolling around in the freshly fallen snow. They climbed trees, threw sticks, and discovered what happens when you make tracks in the snow.

Meng Meng and Jia Jia are living at the Siberian Tiger Park for three years as part of a public viewing and scientific research trip. They moved in June 2015, but this is the first time they have experienced snow.

This is the farthest north any panda has lived in China. Because they’re native to the southern part of the country, they generally don’t experience cold winters and snow.

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