The famous dog dad and his rescue pup met through an experience that Cohen called "Tinder for dogs."

July 05, 2018 12:47 PM

Andy Cohen’s rescue dog Wacha is living his best life and Cohen agrees!

Wacha is a rescue dog that Cohen was connected with through Cohen describes his experience as Tinder for dogs. When the Watch What Happens Live! host first saw pictures of Wacha online, he looked into the pup’s big eyes and was immediately in love.

Cohen confesses, “I was just flipping through photos and saw a picture of him. I emailed the rescue organization twice that night. I was like, “I need this dog.’ “

Wacha was abused at his previous home, and Cohen admits, “It breaks my heart to think that someone could have hurt this great dog who has brought so much love to me.” Luckily, the star was able to give Wacha a safe and loving home, and both have made each other’s lives better.

Through his famous dad, Wacha has been able to meet some pretty cool people, including Carol Burnett, Maury Povich and even Kim Kardashian. Cohen said, “He and Carol Burnett had a great moment when she was doing the Tarzan yell and he jumped up on her.” But, Wacha is not always on his best behavior. “He stole Maury Povich’s reading glasses and chewed them so they are not great friends,” Cohen joked.

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Apparently the fame went to his doggy head, because when he met Kim Kardashian, Wacha was apparently “unbothered.” “I don’t think he got it. I was like, ‘Dude, this is the most famous woman in the world,’ ” the dog’s dad said.

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“[Wacha] looks at you very soulfully; he is a little like Hugh Grant. He doesn’t give it up for everybody but when he does he is a real charmer,” Cohen added.

The pair have recently embarked on the Purina ONE 28-day challenge, which involves switching a pet onto Purina ONE food for 28 days to see if it there is a beneficial difference.

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