Prince William isn't letting England's defeat at the FIFA World Cup get the best of him — or his country

July 12, 2018 07:42 PM

Prince William isn’t letting England’s defeat at the FIFA World Cup get the best of him — or his country.

The royal, 36, has been an outspoken supporter of England’s national team on the world stage, cheering them on the Kensington Palace Twitter page as they competed against Sweden and Colombia.

This time around, England’s journey to the World Cup finals has ended with a devastating defeat at the hands of Croatia 2 to 1 on Wednesday in the semi-finals.

William, who is the president of the English Football Association, took to the palace’s Twitter page again to lighten up his countrymen’s spirits.

“I know how disappointed @england must feel right now but I couldn’t be more proud of this team and you should hold your heads high,” he tweeted. “You’ve had an incredible #WorldCup, made history, and gave us fans something to believe in. We know there is more to come from this @england team. W.”

The royal dad of three recently expressed his excitement and encouragement to England earlier on Wednesday before they played against Croatia.

“A new generation is enjoying the magic of this World Cup run. The whole country is right behind you tonight. Come on England – it’s coming home!” he tweeted.

Prince William with the England soccer team
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Prince Harry, who was on a royal visit to Ireland with Meghan Markle, addressed the upcoming match with journalists in Dublin. When he was asked, “Is it coming home?” his immediate response was, “Most definitely!”

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William is so passionate about the World Cup that he refuses to hear the score of any game he is unable to watch games due his royal duties and taken over Kensington Palace’s Twitter. After England’s victorious quarterfinal against Sweden on July 7, he congratulated the players on making history.

“It’s coming home!” is the resounding cry among English fans right now. (Princess Eugenie, William and Harry’s cousin, posted a video on Instagram showing Friends stars dancing to the rallying cry.

The phrase both references how soccer as a sport originated in England and a song written back in the ’60s when England was in the European Championship.

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