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2-Foot Hose Found in the Stomach of Dead Dolphin in Florida

This is the second dolphin found in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, with plastic in its system in less than a month
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Healthy Shih Tzu Dog Reportedly Euthanized to Fulfill Late Owner's Will

The shelter that cared for the dog for two weeks after the owner's death says they tried to convince the executor of the will to let them adopt out the dog
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New Study Shows That Being a Dog Lover Might Literally Be in Your DNA

Researchers say these studies into the DNA of dog lovers could help our understanding of why dogs were domesticated in the first place.
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Rescue Dogs Enjoy Their Own Big Dance With Adorable Puppy Prom

The annual event, hosted by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, allows adopted pets the chance to reunite with their litter mates and favorite shelter volunteers
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