After a brief time out, the disruptive dog got its pats and moved on

By Kelli Bender
October 09, 2018 01:39 PM

Belly rubs can’t wait!

The call for your tummy to be tickled must be answered as soon as possible, which could possibly be the reason the dog in this video was in such a hurry.

According to the BBC, the stray pooch charged the field during a recent match in Gori, Georgia.

After interrupting play, the dog flopped down to receive coveted scratches from players. It took a little carousing, but the furry intruder eventually found its way off the pitch so the game could resume.

The canine isn’t the first animal to turn up as an extra player during a soccer game: a little bird halted the biggest football competition in the world this year, and made a famous friend while doing so.