Many outraged by Kristin Cavallari recent Instagram post say the tone of the caption was too playful and inappropriate

By Kelli Bender
May 29, 2018 03:19 PM

Kristin Cavallari has ruffled some feathers over a comment made about her pet chicken.

In an Instagram post on Cavallari’s account from Memorial Day, the mom of three is shown holding a young chicken in her arms while she smiles at the camera.

The caption that accompanies the photo reads: “Pet today, dinner tomorrow. Kidding. Kind of.”

While some of the Very Cavallari star’s followers applauded her choice to raise her own food, many other commenters were angry with the playful tone of the post.

“Animals belong in our hearts, not our stomachs. Bet that chicken has a family too. Why can’t we think of them as someone, not something. You don’t need meat to survive folks,” reads one comment.

A number of the negative reactions to the cookbook author’s post are from self-identified vegans or vegetarians, but, for many who responded, it wasn’t about eating meat, it was about the joke Cavallari made in reference to an animal she called a pet.

“I like Kristin, but regardless if you eat meat or not this was a very bad joke, one should never promote the killing of another animal, you should use your social media for better things than this, too bad you probably can’t see that,” reads one remark.

Others pointed out how the post might play differently, if the former The Hills star was holding a dog in her hand.

“You should NEVER eat an animal you consider a pet. I don’t care if it is a chicken. You wouldn’t consider eating your dog so why would it be okay to eat a chicken???? I am not a vegan by the way,” writes one of Cavallari’s followers.

Outraged commenters didn’t keep those who supported Cavallari’s choice from speaking out.

“I’ve been vegetarian my whole life but I’m not going to unfollow @kristincavallari because she’s posted this! All you people who were following her and have now unfollowed… you knew she ate meat before this post so why unfollow her now? At least the chicken is free range,” writes one.

Another commenter goes even further, suggesting that raising her pet chickens as food is a healthy choice for her entire family, “So hang on… people are discouraging her from eating her own meat that she raised?! I think it’s amazing that she’s doing that and teaching her kids to raise their own food too. It’s clear she cares about the food that goes into her body and theirs. And that’s such a rarity these days because so many parents don’t care. She made a joke, get over it, if you’re vegan, fine, but it’s still just a joke. And save your comments about how a joke like this will somehow perpetuate violence against animals because that’s absolutely ridiculous.”

And another didn’t have time for the drama at all, “The fact that people unfollow u because u may or may not eat chicken is actually so stupid. What sunnies are u wearing @kristincavallari ??”

Cavallari is part of a growing group of celebrities who are raising their own farm animals in their backyards, but she is one of the first to insinuate the personal use of the birds as food.

PEOPLE has not yet received a response from Cavallari to its request for comment about the controversy surrounding her recent Instagram post.