Actress and ASPCA Youth Ambassador Peyton List shares how her puppy, Bette, has added more love to her home

October 08, 2018 04:54 PM

Peyton List is in puppy love.

The Disney Channel star, known for Jessie and Bunk’d, recently adopted a pit bull/Doberman mix puppy named Bette.

List, 20, adores her furry best friend, often snuggling up to the dog, even though Bette has outgrown some of her favorite sleeping positions.

“You think of that mix — those dogs — as being so strong and so tough,” List says of her canine’s makeup. “But you also learn how sweet of a breed they are and what a bad reputation they get. They are such great dogs.”

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The Diary of a Wimpy Kid actress is such a lover of all animals that she became an ASPCA Youth Ambassador, so she can help inspire other young people to adopt and protect pets.

Bette is certainly safe in her home; not only does she have List’s watchful eye, Bette also has three “dog uncles” who love playing with and looking after the pup. Hear more about them all in the clip above.


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