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Meet the 2020 Presidential Candidates — So Far!

With the 2020 election less than two years away, the list of candidates — with a range of backgrounds — is growing longer all the time, and the final field could be quite large. Here are the notable names so far.
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Inside the Trumps' Easter Weekend as President and First Lady Retreated to Mar-a-Lago Where Mueller Was 'Weighing Heavily'

According to a Mar-a-Lago source, the president said at one point he had "never been happier" given the state of the country — but he was still "seen smiling at times and angry at other times"
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Donald Trump and 'Upset' Melania Were Fighting at Dinner at Mar-a-Lago, Witness Says: 'They Had Words'

Donald and Melania Trump were eating in the Mar-a-Lago dining area on March 30 and "had words with each other over something," a witness says — as Mrs. Trump's spokeswoman disputed this account
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